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The Urban Orange Dream Creme Scarf

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The Urban Orange Dream Creme Scarf |

Long Orange & White Winter Scarf

Hello Dear Tribe!

It was one of my goals this year to finally FINALLY finish this scarf that’s just been sitting around the house for the past year. That’s right… I said a year! Sometimes, when you’re making all the things, you run out of yarn. (Gasp! The horror!) When this happens, you have two choices. Run out and get more yarn and pray you remember what you bought in the first place or start a new project in the meantime until you can go for a yarn run. I chose door #2 and moved on to a new project. This obviously was a mistake seeing as in it’s been a year now. But! The important thing here is that it’s done, done, and done and I couldn’t be happier. So let me introduce you to the Urban Dream Crème scarf!

The Urban Orange Dream Creme Scarf |

May I Present to You..

When I tell you that this is my most favorite scarf I’ve made to date, I am not exaggerating! The Urban Dream Crème Scarf, is my own pattern and design, so you can rest assure that you won’t see every Sue, Amber, and Trina wearing this scarf around the cold city streets. I like making and wearing accessories that are a little different and that you won’t see everyone wearing. It allows you to stand out, be an individual, and be a trendsetter all in one!

I’m more of a color blocking kinda girl, but when designing this scarf I thought it was important not only to make it chunky and warm, but to also consider what colors would be fun to wear. Bright colors can be such a wonderful and cheerful thing and I think we need more bright and colorful accessories to adorn our bodies with. I’ve never been one for wearing only navy blue, black, and brown in the colder months, so this is my contribution to rebel against the status quo! 

The Urban Orange Dream Creme Scarf |

Intentional Design

I designed this scarf using a burnt orange, because orange is associated with creativity and creativity always comes from a happy place. Plus, who can't use some creative juices in their life? Cream was chosen as a secondary color, because not only does it compliment orange really well, it's also a symbol of protection. So in essence you’re protecting your joy and creativity! Pretty cool, right? 

I made this scarf with two strands of yarn so that it's extra warm, it's over 8 feet long so there is plenty of room for wrapping it around yourself, and it has lustrous long fringe to give it a nice pop! As with all of my merchandise, I always infuse some good Reiki vibes into them and this guy will be no different. My intent is to not only help someone look good in the accessories they're wearing, but also to help them through energy healing as well. To find out more about Reiki you can read this post here. To purchase this scarf you can visit my shop by clicking this here!

Love & Light,