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Putting in Work

Greetings Tribe!

As the introverted person that I am, while I shy away from uncomfortable (and needless) small talk, I do enjoy a good one on one conversation about life. There is something so satisfying about being tucked away in the corner so to speak, with someone and connecting soul to soul. This is the reason I’m here today writing this post to you.

I will admit that over the years I have struggled a lot about how much of myself to share over these mighty interwebs for fear of the inevitable troll, but also mainly fear of people actually seeing me for who I really am. As someone who likes to stand back and observe the room before taking any action, this is a really scary thing! I would describe it as willingly walking out in public naked. Lol.

However, I’ve reached a point in my life where as Lisa Nichols says “You must hold fear in one hand and passion in the other.” I realized that I want to share who I am, be as authentic as possible, help people when I can, and continue my passion which is my small business. So I invite you to not only ogle my pretty wares, but to also take this journey of growth with me. 😃  Are you working on yourself as well? Share with me what your goals are.


Tarot Card of the Week

|Knight of Pentacles|

The knight of pentacles calls on us to pay our dues and work hard at what we want to achieve. Having an idea and inspiration is a great thing, but if you aren't putting any work into making the dream a reality, it won't come to pass. It's time to finally take that long to-do list you've been making and setting a plan in motion to get it done. Working hard is never a really fun process, but no one ever said you had to enjoy it! Staying consistent and keeping your eyes on the prize will help you make it through. Just don't forget to practice self-care along the way. You can do this and I'll be working right beside you!

Have a lovely week!

Yours truly,