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The Makings of a Baby Blanket

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|The Makings of a Baby Blanket| Come see the inspiration behind this beautiful blanket!

Baby Blankets n Thangs

I’m excited to say that my first official project for Fall is complete! I suppose it was really an end of Summer project, but it was finished near Fall so I think that counts. Many weeks ago, my friend Amanda and I decided to make a baby blanket for our co-worker. I forgot to buy a gift for the baby shower at work and so I went to my go-to of a baby blanket. I love working up a pretty blanket for a new baby. I mean come on.. It’s always the perfect gift AND it was made with love and by hand. You can’t really beat that now can you?

Anytime I need inspiration for a creative project, I tend to turn to Pinterest. I knew that making granny squares would be the easiest thing for us to do individually. For those that don’t know, granny squares are small crocheted squares that can be sewn or crocheted together to make a blanket, scarf, or etc.. Think of an old lady blanket that you’ve seen on tv that’s like brown and yellow (God-awful colors together) and that’s your typical 1970’s granny square blanket. I digress though.. So, we found a pattern that seemed relatively easy from @SpinCushions, took a crack at it, and it worked out wonderfully!

The Process

I have a strict policy on colors for baby blankets... NO p a s t e l s EVA! I know that’s everyone’s go-to, but why? Bright, bold, and fun colors are so much better in my humble opinion. Amanda went along with it and so we met up to pick out colors for a baby girl. After much trial and error of matching colors, we decided to go with purple, hot pink, and yellow. I had (and still have) a shit ton of yellow in my stash from a previous project (see here), so I pretty much demanded yellow be one of the colors used. I promise I’m not a diva.. lol. With all of these bright colors though, Amanda thought it would be best to have a neutral color surrounding all of the bright colors, and so an idea was formed and blanket making was in motion! 

To my surprise this granny square blanket worked up really quickly. I know you're saying it's, because Amanda and I were both working on it, but I don't think that was it. Don't get me wrong.... Fours hands are much better than two, but I think it was just a really quick project in general. We made all of the colorful circles first, next we added the borders to turn them into squares, and then finally we crocheted the squares together which gave it lovely ridges along the seams.

|The Makings of a Baby Blanket| Come see the inspiration behind this beautiful blanket!
|The Makings of a Baby Blanket| Come see the inspiration behind this beautiful blanket!

Let's Do It Again

I liked this pattern so much that I could see myself making other things with it as well. Something like a scarf, a purse, maybe even a full adult size blanket! You never know what could come out of it..

What kind of colors would you like to see in a baby blanket if you could choose?

Until the next time..

Light and Love,