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New Moon Intentions: June

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Happy Gemini season!! As a fellow Gemini, I couldn't be happier that my Gemini twins are all celebrating their birthdays. Even this month's new moon was in Gemini. This zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury which is in charge of all communication and critical thinking. In true Gemini fashion, I've been in my head a lot lately which can be a good and a bad thing, but before we get into all of that let me tell you the happenings! Every month on the new moon, I like to tell you what personal and professional intentions I’ve set and I invite you to share yours too. I'm a little tiny bit late seeing as the new moon was on the 13th, but better late than never! Also, check out my Pinterest pin board here and send me a request so you can join in on the fun and post your intentions too!

Previous New Moon Intentions


  • Complete the big project I was designing
  • Journal everyday
  • Make and edit a video to share on YouTube

One of the lessons I learned last month was, everything doesn't have to turn out perfectly and can change into something else entirely. When I've set goals in the past, if they didn't turn out to be exactly as I pictured them, then I was not a happy camper. I would feel like a downright failure, which as any perfectionist will tell you is unacceptable! In an attempt to show myself some grace, no matter how my intentions turned out to be, I decided to be okay with it. I realized it wasn't really about reaching the goal (altho I did want to be successful), it was more about actually giving it the old college try instead of sitting around and waiting for it to happen. 

As far as the intentions that I set last month, here is the update: I was working on a project unlike I had ever worked on before, because I was trying to design something I was unsure of how to make. I would work it up, just to take it all apart again and again. At some point, I understood that it just wasn't meant to be right now. I'm not giving up on it, but I did set it to the side to be worked on at a later date and I'm okay with that. I wanted to journal every. single. day. for at least a month and altho that didn't happen, because I made the effort to journal whenever I could, I did end up feeling much less stressed and more clear headed for it. And the ever looming YouTube quest.. I made a video. A couple videos actually. Didn't post them to YouTube. (haha!) What I did do though was learn how to edit my videos, understand that I don't need to pay for editing software at this time, and one of the videos I made did get posted to Instagram! So ta-daaaa! 

How did you do with your intentions last month?

Gemini New Moon

1. Setting time limits - It's not that I mean to procrastinate, it's just that I will be faced with a task that I'm unsure of how to do (or let's be honest, don't want to do) and then next thing you know an hour has passed and nothing has gotten done. I've always been one who needed time to think and plot out exactly what my moves will be, but.... sometimes that turns into procrastination. Here's the cycle: "I have a task, but I'm not sure where to start. Let's look at examples for inspiration. Ooh look! This other thing over here looks super interesting.. Oh wait.. what was I supposed to be doing again?? Oh yeah, that task I was unsure of. Dammit! It's time to do _______. Guess I'll pick this back up tomorrow." Knowing myself as I do, I know that setting time limits to get things done is a really good motivator for me to pull some magic out of my ass. So that my friends, is the way I plan on helping myself stay on task and be more consistent.

2. Read till my eyes fall out - Not really, but I would like to make time to do more reading. I have bought numerous books off of Amazon and have only attempted to read one or two. I'm in the midst of reading 'Braving the Wilderness', by Brene Brown and by golly I am going to finish it before the month is out!!

So Tribe, Do You Or Have You Ever Wanted To Set Intentions On The New Moon?

I invite you to share your intentions or monthly goals with me here! Or if you’re a blogger and would like to get in the fun, follow me on Pinterest and you can join my New Moon Intentions group board! Comment with your Pinterest name or email address and I will add you to the board so you can start pinning! Have a wonderful week!

Until the next time..

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