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New Moon Intentions: May

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Moon Vibes Tribe

Oh happy day! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been taking a much needed break. I got spring cleaning fever really bad so I’ve taken to cleaning up all of the things that I’ve neglected over the busy winter season. Now it’s time to open up the windows, sage to bring in good energies, and plan, plan, and plan some more for the next busy season. Every month on the new moon, I like to tell you what personal and professional intentions I’ve set and share them on Pinterest. Check out the pin board here and send me a request so you can join in on the fun and share your intentions too!


Taurus New Moon

1. Complete My Frankenstein! – Since taking my break, I’ve had a super big burst of creativity (which I’m loving!!) and I’ve got about 4-5 drawings of things I want to make. First on the list is going to be a new take on a shawl. I got the idea from always being cold at work and wanting something to just cover my upper body without it being as old-fashioned and cumbersome as a shawl. I’ve already started it, frogged it, and started it again to make it look like the image in my head. The goal is to set a due date (05/31) to finish it, write up a pattern for it, and notate any changes that I want to make. I’m so excited about seeing the finished product, but I plan on adding some really fun and badass elements!

2. Write all the Things – A few weeks ago after being completely exhausted and burnt out I realized that the pace I was trying to keep just wasn’t working for me. I needed to find a way to slow down and do things in my own way. I was feeling lost and out of place and whenever I feel that way I try to revert back to my basics. Simply put, journaling. A big stress reliever for me is writing out all of my problems. I used to write almost every day and I think that helped to keep me sane! So my goal now through the next new moon in June is to write. Write everything! The good, the bad, the joys, the tears, the fears, and the triumphs. All of it. I can’t run a business if I’m not mentally healthy, right?

3. Learn YouTube (Finally) – I’ve been talking (to myself mainly) about really sitting down and figuring out how to edit my videos so I can start a YouTube Channel. I think I’ve just been in my head about it too much. In my mind it needs to look professional, which means it should look as clear as possible, have music, an intro, and outro, words that pop up, slides, clips of vlogging, and not to mention all around perfection. Haha.. Perfection is not really possible and I’ve discovered that I’ve been overthinking things a bit! So the goal here is to do what I gotta do it get it edited and published by May 18th! The butterflies… they are a dancing.

So Tribe, do you or have you ever wanted to set intentions on the new moon?

I invite you to share your intentions or monthly goals with me here! Or if you’re a blogger and would like to get in the fun, follow me on Pinterest and you can join my New Moon Intentions group board! Comment with your Pinterest name or email address and I will add you to the board so you can start pinning! Have a wonderful week!

Until the next time..

Light & Love,


New Goals for a New Year

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Hey Tribe!! Happy New Year!

Of course with the new year being here, the thing on everyone’s mind is new goals and new intentions. To me, the beginning of the year is like being reborn and given this shiny and new clean slate to start life with. In all actuality, we can start over and/or reinvent ourselves at any time. I think the new year just makes it feel that much better, because there is a big celebration around it. Plus, how can you not feel super charged when there are so many other people around the world using their energy to do that same exact thing. We won’t even talk about the fact that the 1st was a full moon!! Whew!

At the start of most new years, I find myself giddy at the excitement of the possibilities of new and good things coming to me. This year felt a little different. I wasn’t terribly giddy, but felt more of what I would call peaceful. Kinda self assured that all manners of good things were going to come into my life. And even if they didn’t, then I would make it through the trials just fine.

New Intentions {}

New Intentions and Thangs

The biggest thing that I’ll be working on this year is being more of myself. Whether it be around people who I interact with on a daily basis or sharing myself in matters concerning The Urban Countess. I look forward to really showing you guys who I am and what my brand is all about. I think it's important to stay true to who you are, because it allows you to connect to other people and find your tribe!

The second thing I’ll be working on is being patient. When it comes to having patience with others, I can give it in abundance. If it’s with myself, I always seem to think I should be able to run before I can even crawl! I think having realistic expectations of myself and how much I can get accomplished will help with this. 

So tell me dear tribe, what are your goals and intentions for this new year? Where do you see yourself headed? I'm excited to hear what you have planned!

Have a great week!

Yours truly,