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5 Senses of April: a Link Party!

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The 5 Senses of April | This is a link party to help get you through your Monday blues with fun and interesting things from around that web.

Greetings Tribe & Happy Monday!

I know that a good majority of people don't like Monday's, but I love them! I'm generally all rested up from the weekend and I'm ready to tackle whatever the day brings. Now Tuesday on the other hand... I'm always wiped out, but I digress! This is a link party to help get you through your Monday blues with fun and interesting things from around that web. Every month, I'll be featuring dope links that will appeal to all of your 5 senses. So are you ready? Let's get into these links!

Party All Day


Sight - Mercury Retrograde started on the March 30th and wont end till the April 15. Behati Life gives you a new perspective on dealing with all the frustrating mishaps that come with Mercury acting up. 

Smell - If you're not following @MusesUniform on instagram then I have no idea what you're doing with your life! I swear I can smell the expensive perfume and freshly baked bread whenever I look at her photos!

Touch - I don't have a dog, but if I did I would be buying him this freaking adorable scarf

Hear - Thirst Aid Kit is one of my favorite new podcasts! I mean.. they talk about books, fan fiction, and good looking men. I don't think you can really go wrong with that, now can you? (Apple Listeners) (Android Listeners

Taste - The Hubs and I made it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Simply put its the. best. mac n' cheese. ever. EVER!!!!

{Bonus!!} Intuition - You know I'm a kid of the 90's.. I'm loving and coveting the Illest tarot deck by Kristi Prokopiak featuring icons from 90's pop culture. How can you not feel cool giving readings with these tarot cards! 

I don't know about you, but I had fun at this party! Hope this makes your Monday a little easier. Now go forth and conquer the day tribe!

Light & Love,


New Moon Intentions: March

New Moon IntentionsAriana CountsComment
New Moon Intentions| Let's talk about new moon intentions! I'm sharing my goals to find inspiration and be more creative. Come share yours too!

|Under the New Moon|

Greetings Tribe!

You know that girl who likes tarot cards, burns sage to smudge her house, and wears crystals all of the time? Yeah well, I’m that friend. Friends like that also are really into the moon. Looking at the moon, wearing moon jewelry, and living by the moons phases too, and I am no different. So we’re here to talk about setting intentions for the new moon or what some call the dark moon today. Setting intentions or goals around this time is perfect, because energies are calm and your mind has a chance to be clear unlike during a full moon. Ever heard of people going bananas during a full moon? Yeah well, it’s true. Even I have a hard time sleeping when the full moon is near with all of its “go go let’s do and analyze all the things” energies. Everyone sets goals and intentions for themselves and I like to set mine monthly, so here are a few of the one’s I’m wanting to concentrate on for my small handmade business.

|Good Vibes Only|

Giving Myself Permission – When trying to get your business where you want it to go, it’s really easy to get caught up in doing nothing but business tasks and only leaving a small tiny bit of time for actually making the things you love. Which as you can guess, leaves zero time for reading books and looking at the things that really inspire you! I recently went through a creative block for the simple fact that I had forgotten to pour inspiration into myself. So, I hereby give myself permission to take time to relax, read, and do all the things that bring me joy. Adulting is hard period, so this will be a twofold treat!

New Moon Intentions| Let's talk about new moon intentions! I'm sharing my goals to find inspiration and be more creative. Come share yours too!

Explore New Crafty Lands – Have you ever noticed that creative people are never just creative in one way? I know that when running a business, the so called “best practice” is to stick to one thing and do that really well. But, I don’t really like that rule! What’s wrong with having a few options? Hell, department stores and Wal-Mart sell a little bit of everything so why can’t I?! {SIDEBAR: Did you know that Wal-Mart sells coffins of all things???} I said all that to say, I’m ready to explore new crafts that I’m interested in like embroidery or cross-stitch. Have you some of the amazing embroidery artist on IG? Their work is phenomenal and I’m so in love with it! So who knows what the future may hold. If nothing else, I will have fun and find inspiration from it.

|Make Your Own Path|

So Tribe, do you or have you ever wanted to set intentions on the new moon? I invite you to share your intentions or monthly goals with me here! Or if you’re a blogger and would like to get in the fun, follow me on Pinterest and you can join my New Moon Intentions group board! Comment (it's at the top of this page) with your Pinterest name or emails address and I will add you to the board so you can start pinning! Have a wonderful week!

Until the next time..

Light & Love,


Coffee. Croissants. Crochet. Vol 1.

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Coffee| Croissants | Crochet.JPG

Putting in Work

Greetings Tribe!

As the introverted person that I am, while I shy away from uncomfortable (and needless) small talk, I do enjoy a good one on one conversation about life. There is something so satisfying about being tucked away in the corner so to speak, with someone and connecting soul to soul. This is the reason I’m here today writing this post to you.

I will admit that over the years I have struggled a lot about how much of myself to share over these mighty interwebs for fear of the inevitable troll, but also mainly fear of people actually seeing me for who I really am. As someone who likes to stand back and observe the room before taking any action, this is a really scary thing! I would describe it as willingly walking out in public naked. Lol.

However, I’ve reached a point in my life where as Lisa Nichols says “You must hold fear in one hand and passion in the other.” I realized that I want to share who I am, be as authentic as possible, help people when I can, and continue my passion which is my small business. So I invite you to not only ogle my pretty wares, but to also take this journey of growth with me. 😃  Are you working on yourself as well? Share with me what your goals are.


Tarot Card of the Week

|Knight of Pentacles|

The knight of pentacles calls on us to pay our dues and work hard at what we want to achieve. Having an idea and inspiration is a great thing, but if you aren't putting any work into making the dream a reality, it won't come to pass. It's time to finally take that long to-do list you've been making and setting a plan in motion to get it done. Working hard is never a really fun process, but no one ever said you had to enjoy it! Staying consistent and keeping your eyes on the prize will help you make it through. Just don't forget to practice self-care along the way. You can do this and I'll be working right beside you!

Have a lovely week!

Yours truly,