The Urban Countess


Hello & Welcome!!

I'm Ariana Counts and I am The Urban Countess..

Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?
— Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

The Idea

I'm just a regular girl out here in the world, trying to spread as much love and light as I can to the masses through my designs. I'm here to provide you with colorful accessories that heal and truly express who you are on the inside! If you're in my tribe, then you like quirky accessories that help you to stand out and shine bright in a crowd, love practicing self-care, appreciate energy healing, and know deep down that you're dope af, and aren't afraid to be a little weird. 

Style & Quality

This is the place you come to find that perfect burnt orange and creme scarf to wear for Autumn, the maroon passport cover that makes you feel special because it's your favorite color and matches your luggage, or that royal blue headband that gives you a bright pop of color for those chilly winter days. You can always count on the designs you find here being original, colorful, charged with Reiki, and made with care.

100% Handmade

Everything that you see on my site is handmade and/or hand-sewn by me. When deciding on what {and what not} to sell, I make a prototype of each product to make sure it's something that is of quality. While I believe each item should have it's own bits of character, I think things should look handmade... not homemade. If I wouldn't wear or use it, then I'm not going to try and sell it either. Because I have struggled with {and still do at times} practicing self-care, I like to infuse each of my little babies with Reiki, which is a form of energy healing. It's my own little introverted way of sending good vibes and karma out into the world to help others.